Custom Exterior Projets

With our name being Bahama Shutters of Florida you may believe that we stop short of anything other than shutters. However, through the use of CAD, welding, engineering, and machining we can bring any idea from your or your architects mind to life. Contacting us will be the first step in bringing your dream to reality.

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¬†With State of the Art MIG welders combined with expeirecned welders we are able to seamleasly join metals creating shapes and structures you’ve only seen in your head. Let us bring it to life.


At Bahama Shutters of Florida we have 30+ Years of engineering experience. That combined with modern day CAD (Computer Aided Design) we can perfect any design and plan out complex projects before we order material. Saving our customers money and allowing them to be 100% happy with their project.


Bahama Shutters of Florida has teamed up with sister company Euro-Cast, a manufacturing company with impressive CNC Machining capabilities. This partnership gives our clients even more freedom in their ideas. With CNC Mills your imagination is truly the only limiting factor in your project.